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International News: June 2014 International News 

International News: June 2014

Japan’s First Lady Marches in Pride Parade Japan’s first lady Akie Abe joined the annual gay parade in Tokyo to show her support for the LGBT community.  The Agence France Presse reported that the 51-year-old wife of conservative Prime Minister Shinzo wrote on her Facebook page that she strives to “help build a society where anyone can conduct happy, enriched lives without facing discrimination.” Abe also wrote that she has been involved in LGBT activism since joining a commission set up by UNAIDS and the Lancet medical journal last year….

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International News: May 2014 International News 

International News: May 2014

Lesbian–Only Cemetery Opens in Berlin A new burial area for exclusively for lesbians was created in a two-century-old cemetery in the German capital last month. A 4,300-square-foot area of the Lutheran Georgen Parochial cemetery, established in 1814 in central Berlin, will be reserved as a graveyard for up to 80 lesbians. A spokeswoman for the Safia Association – a national group primarily for elderly lesbians – says the patch of land is a space where “the lesbian community can live together in the afterlife.”  The group was given use of…

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International News: April 2014 International News 

International News: April 2014

Church Must “Evaluate” Same Sex Civil Unions Pope Francis has once again called on Catholic leaders to be more accepting of gay and lesbian congregation members. He implored leaders to explore the possibility of tolerance for same-sex civil unions where couples’ economic and health security is at stake. “We have to look at the different cases and evaluate them in their variety,” the pontiff said in an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere delle Sera. The pope, however, did not say that the Vatican should endorse civil unions outright. Swedish Couple…

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International News: March 2014 International News 

International News: March 2014

Trans Woman Back in U.K. After Detention in Canada A British trans woman who was detained in a Canadian men’s jail during a visa dispute with the country has returned home. According to, Avery Edison (a stand-up comedian) is back “in her bed” thanks to an outcry for her release. After her story went viral, Internet outrage and legal help prompted Edison’s transfer to a women’s facility. Shortly thereafter she was granted permission to leave Canada altogether. reposts that Edison was attempting to enter the country for three…

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International News: January 2014 International News 

International News: January 2014

Barack Obama Picks Openly Gay Delegates for Winter Olympics President Obama has announced several openly gay members as part of the U.S. delegates to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. Two lesbians chosen as U.S. delegates are tennis legend Billie Jean King and ice hockey Olympic medalist Caitlin Cahow. Another member of the delegation, figure skating Olympic medalist Brian Boitano, just recently came out as gay. Vice President Joe Biden and first lady Michelle Obama will not be attending the opening ceremony. This marks the first time since…

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International News: December 2013 International News 

International News: December 2013

          Barilla Announces “Diversity and Inclusion” Initiative Barilla Pasta has announced a major “diversity and inclusion” initiative in response to controversy surrounding homophobic remarks from the company’s CEO. Last month, Living Out reported that Guido Barilla sparked outrage among activists, consumers and some politicians when he said he would not consider using a gay family to advertise Barilla pasta because gay families don’t represent traditional families. In a press release touting the company’s new initiatives, Chief Executive Officer Claudio Colzani said, “diversity, inclusion and equality have…

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International News: November 2013 International News 

International News: November 2013

Kuwait Developing a “Gay Detector” Heath officials in Kuwait are preparing to test the country’s first attempt at a “gaydar.” Yousuf Mindkar, the director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, told Al Rai that he wants to use a “gay detector test” to keep GLBT expatriates out of Kuwait. Visitors already have to pass a health exam before gaining access to the country, but according to Gulf News, Mindkar wants “stricter measures” in place to keep gays and lesbians from entering Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)….

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International News: October 2013 International News 

International News: October 2013

Canadian researchers report HIV vaccine success in clinical trials A team of Canadian researchers from Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University announced last month that a vaccine to prevent HIV has “aced” clinical testing.  Team leader Dr. Chil-Yong Kang told the Ontario Business Report that the first phase of testing not only succeeded, but also boosted the production of antibodies in patients it was tested on. US clinical testing on the vaccine (SAV001) began in March 2012. The first phase of trials ended last month and researchers…

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International News: September 2013 International News 

International News: September 2013

Russian laws problematic for 2014 Olympics The upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia are drawing ire across the US due to the country’s Draconian anti-gay legislation, which passed in June. The law was against the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations,” with a unanimous 436 vote by parliament members in favor of the law. The law also imposes fines of up to $31,000 for providing information about the GLBT community to minors, for holding Pride and human rights events, and for comparing same-sex and different-sex relationships in any fashion.  The International…

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