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Positive Thoughts: Q&A with Mondo Guerra Living Healthy 

Positive Thoughts: Q&A with Mondo Guerra

Mondo Guerra is a fashion designer who first came to fame in 2010 as a contestant on the eighth season of the reality television show Project Runway. Although he didn’t win, Guerra was a fan favorite, even before he disclosed his HIV-positive status on the show. At that moment he also took on the role of HIV/AIDS activist. Guerra went through a whirlwind of media attention. Since then, his celebrity profile has certainly increased. He won the debut season of Project Runway All Stars and became a mentor on Under…

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Fast Food: It’s Fast, But is it Really Food? Living Healthy 

Fast Food: It’s Fast, But is it Really Food?

Have you ever really taken a close look at a Chicken McNugget? Do you know what it really is? I’m not sure anyone really can say. But I’m going to try. A McNugget is only 50% “chicken” – loosely defined when you consider it’s comprised of pulverized chicken skins and mechanically reclaimed meat, harvested from a processing plant where the chickens have been injected with hormones and raised in cages and don’t even really resemble anything close to a real, live, natural, normal chicken. So, that’s the chicken part. The other 50%…

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Positive Thoughts: Viral Fatigue Living Healthy 

Positive Thoughts: Viral Fatigue

I recently attended the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association’s 25th National Convention in San Francisco. NLGJA’s first convention took place in the city by the bay in 1990, so this year’s conference was aptly called Coming Home. The four-day meeting was filled with workshops, plenaries and programs for LGBT journalists looking to sharpen their skills, network and meet up with old friends. I’ve worked in the HIV field for over 23 years, and participate in dozens of meetings, conferences and activities throughout the year and around the country, but…

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Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean Going Broke Living Healthy 

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Mean Going Broke

Pound for pound, generally speaking, it’s cheaper to eat poorly. A few packages of factory farmed meat, a gallon of commercially produced milk, butter, white bread, potato chips, cereal, chocolate chip cookies, instant potatoes, minute-rice, frozen lasagna and pizza, ice cream and soda on sale…yep, it’s cheap. And you do get what you pay for. But when you change your eating habits from bad to good, by swapping certain foods for others, you’ll find it isn’t actually much more expensive. Sometimes, it’s even less so. Here are a few tips…

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Organic and Local Foods 101 Living Healthy 

Organic and Local Foods 101

As a society, we have become extremely disconnected from our food. And that makes sense when you consider how much of the food out there is disconnected from itself. Industrial farmers harvest crops that have been grown in tainted soil with chemicals that we shouldn’t consume, then send them off to become “food-stuff” – stripped of their nutrients, refined and enriched into products that are not at all like what they were originally intended by nature to be. The supermarket is filled with such products, and it requires a commitment…

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Reverse Heart Disease – with Food! Living Healthy 

Reverse Heart Disease – with Food!

During the course of Bill Clinton’s presidency, he was a walking billboard for “SAD,” the aptly-named acronym for the Standard American Diet.  The hamburgers, ribs, fried chicken and steaks he consumed were legend, to the point that Hillary had the White House cooking staff change the kinds of foods they served there to try and get her husband to at least eat healthy at home. Perhaps it was the food at home that had the President stop at fast food joints in the middle of his jogs around DC so…

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It’s Not About Your Weight, It’s About Your Health Living Healthy 

It’s Not About Your Weight, It’s About Your Health

Weight is a very complicated issue in our society. On the one hand, we have a very influential media that puts forth a very, shall we say, “narrow” standard of beauty, one that screams, “thin is in.” In fact, this standard is often taken to dangerous extremes, as we see in countless heartbreaking cases of young women caught in the grip of anorexia and bulimia, and in particular with girls who begin to obsess with their body image at earlier and earlier ages every year. On the other hand, we…

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If I Had a Hammer… Living Healthy 

If I Had a Hammer…

When not moonlighting as the writer of a parenting column, I spend my days as a construction supervisor at Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk. As you may know, Habitat builds homes in partnership with lower income families, providing an opportunity for homeownership that they would not be able to achieve on their own. While Habitat hires electricians and plumbers, almost everything else, from framing to sheet rocking to windows, roofing, siding and interiors, is done by volunteers as young as 16. In fact, high school groups account for a large…

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One Universal Truth Living Healthy 

One Universal Truth

    I am sure you can agree that there is one universal truth. No matter what religion you are, race, color, height, weight, where you live, or what language you speak, the one universal truth that we can all agree on is that we want to be healthier.  The media promotes quick weight loss pills and there is an abundance of infomercials on fitness DVDs/equipment to get you in better shape. I believe it is very overwhelming to turn on the TV and see all of these products being…

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do Living Healthy 

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, let’s take a minute to consider the downside of love; breaking up. Most of us would like to believe that everlasting love is not just the stuff of fairy tales and Hallmark cards. Yet, except for those lucky few who find their soul mate the first time around, the sad truth is that most people will experience the heartache of the end of a relationship at some point in their lives. When the relationship involves children, breaking up can be complicated, especially if one party…

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Healthy Holiday Eating Living Healthy 

Healthy Holiday Eating

We all know the holidays are the perfect time for all our good intentions about eating healthy to be sabotaged left and right.  I wonder why – who said that egg nog was somehow more delicious than a fruit smoothie?  Why would I be drawn to white mashed potatoes with butter instead of roasted red potatoes drizzled with oil and fresh rosemary?  Who decided that apple pie with ice cream is somehow more festive than a healthy apple crisp flavored with some nuts, raisins, and pure maple syrup? All too…

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She Never Liked Dresses Living Healthy 

She Never Liked Dresses

One Child’s View of Transgenderism She never liked dresses those heels were too much she’d always prefer those sweatpants that’d bunch. Her sneakers were dirty same ones every day she was born in the wrong body no one knows she feels this way. Hangs out with the guys no friends that were girls she never wanted to be like that all giggles and twirls. Locked in the bathroom cut off all her hair she was born as a female but she doesn’t care. Her mother just yells father says she’s…

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Embrace Your Perfect Unique-ness Living Healthy 

Embrace Your Perfect Unique-ness

We are all obviously different, and come in different shapes, sizes and colors.  Whether we choose to share our uniqueness with the world or keep it to ourselves, we need to learn to love ourselves more and more each day.  Your perfect uniqueness – you are all you have!  We have to wake up with ourselves every day, live with ourselves every day.  Doesn’t it make sense to find ways to be more accepting of your perfect uniqueness!  I am certainly not as tall as I want to be as…

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