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Kelly Clarkson: Our Lives Would Suck Without Her Out Front 

Kelly Clarkson: Our Lives Would Suck Without Her

Kelly Clarkson talks new equality-inspired anthem, gay bars, and her ‘Kezbo’ following Before catapulting to pop stardom, Kelly Clarkson was one of us. In many ways, she still is. The original American Idol, who memorably erupted into waterworks when she won the first season of the reality show in 2002, wasn’t always able to muster the willpower she’s instilled in the gay community through her uncompromising persona and liberating pop anthems, including those on her latest album, Piece by Piece. That’s just the charm of Clarkson, who opens up in…

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Underneath it All: Gwen Stefani Out Front 

Underneath it All: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani on ‘late’ introduction to the gay community, teaching her kids individuality and why she’s politically private From bed in her Los Angeles home, Gwen Stefani insists she doesn’t mind doing her first gay press interview in a decade on her day off. “I love talking about myself,” the No Doubt frontwoman says, giggling. Set to release her third solo album this spring, Stefani rang to open up about her “late in life” introduction to the gay community, the lesson she’s teaching her boys when she paints their nails…

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From Ross to Robyn Out Front 

From Ross to Robyn

A revealing interview with Yolanda Ross who portrays Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston’s alleged lesbian lover in the made for TV drama, Whitney. Long before marrying Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston was rumored to be in a more-than-platonic relationship with lifelong gal pal, assistant Robyn Crawford. While the biopic focuses on the pop singer’s relationship with Brown, it’s the intensity and intrigue that builds between her and Crawford that has reignited the Hollywood gossip machine. Yolanda Ross (Treme and Stranger Inside), while not a lesbian herself, plays Crawford in Whitney, breaks down…

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Blind Truth: An Interview with Belo Cipriani Out Front 

Blind Truth: An Interview with Belo Cipriani

Belo Miguel Cipriani, author of Blind: A Memoir and Midday Dreams, took the time to chat with Living Out about his recently published memoir. The book chronicles the time leading up to, and after, an assault which left him without his vision. His story is touching and empowering and we got to see more of that during the interview. What was the most difficult part of writing a book? Which chapter was the hardest to write? The hardest part to write about was the part with the assault because I…

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Gee Golly, It’s Dolly! Out Front 

Gee Golly, It’s Dolly!

When Dolly Parton calls you, greeting you by name with her unmistakable Tennessee twang, it’s a good idea to immediately establish that the lady on the line is the actual legend herself. “Am I talking to the real Dolly or is this an impersonator?” I ask, just to be sure. Proving she’s as sharp as the icon she’s become over the last six decades – easily the most honored female country music artist of all time, inspiring drag queens galore – Parton is quick with her comeback: “Oh, there’s no…

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Cameron Diaz: The Real Thing Out Front 

Cameron Diaz: The Real Thing

Cameron talks being called ‘bisexual,’ mom fetishes and her disappointment in the ladies Cameron Diaz is all about breaking the rules…especially when someone else is breaking them too. Strutting into a room at the Four Seasons at Beverly Hills, the actress surveys the space and lugs an oversized sofa chair to the opposite corner where she gets comfortable, her slender legs curled behind her, heels still on. In person, Diaz really is the sweetest thing, but don’t cross her. At least not in The Other Woman, where the actress, along…

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Comic Genius: The Side Splitting Humor of Jessica Kirson Out Front 

Comic Genius: The Side Splitting Humor of Jessica Kirson

Aside from death and taxes, few things in life are certain. However, you can be sure of two things when you attend a show by lesbian comic Jessica Kirson. You will laugh so much that you will be in physical pain (but you won’t mind) and you will probably find something offensive in her act (but you still won’t mind). The most refreshing and original comic on the scene, Kirson competed on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and has had her praises sung by comic goddess Joy Behar. Her elastic face…

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