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Get Wrapped Up This Winter Living Smart 

Get Wrapped Up This Winter

Frosty, foggy windows. Icy, slick streets. Big, warm coats. Winter is upon us, and with that comes a slew of changes in our skin care and hair care routines, along with a drastic change in wardrobe. And just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean your fashion has to suffer.

As Long Islanders, we spend a good chunk of our time outdoors during the winter months; whether it’s walking around the town, walking to and from our cars or visiting the wineries, a lot of time is spent in the elements. Sometimes it’s so frigid outside (and at times inside), that you don’t even take your coat off. So why not dress up your winter coat? Here are some ways to accessorize one of the biggest necessities of winter – your coat.


Knitted, crocheted, silk, fleece, patterned , and printed scarves – the possibilities are endless – will help keep you in fashion during the cold weather season. Let’s explore the options.

Knit/crochet scarves are the most commonly worn and most classic types of scarves. If you’re not lucky enough to know someone who can whip you up a scarf in a day or two, there are tons of affordable, beautiful scarves in almost any clothing store. Big, chunky cowl neck (or otherwise known as infinity) scarves are trending right now. The bigger the better, it seems. This is a fantastic way to incorporate another texture into your wardrobe, and depending on the scarf, it can also be worn with your outfit once you reach your warm destination.

Silk/fleece/printed scarves are new and trendy. Since the patterns and styles are limitless, it gives the owner free range to choose something that best suits their individuality and personal style.


As with scarves, there are many different options to keep your digits from freezing. Especially now in the technological world we live in, many gloves and mittens are made with either “texting fingers,” which allow you to keep your gloves on while still using your smart phones, mittens that have a flap to expose your fingers, and even fingerless gloves.

Again, as with scarves, there are many options as far as texture, material and patterns. From leather to spandex to knit and fleece, choosing the right pair of gloves is very important. If you’re going for functionality, leather is a good option for driving, as the leather will adhere to your steering wheel allowing you to still grip the wheel while keeping your hands warm and dry. For folks who walk around town or the city, knit or fleece gloves can prove to be a very cozy alternative.

No matter which accessories you choose to adorn this winter, one thing to keep in mind is don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, especially if your coat is neutral. Be bold! Choose colors and patterns that compliment and suit your style, and help make you the best “you” possible. 

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