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Hot Hair Roundup Living Smart 

Hot Hair Roundup

Have any plans to get a new hairstyle? Living Out colors, cuts, and curls in the search for the look that fits one’s personality and character. This season, think about trying something you have never done before. Do you need some ideas or advice? Who better to ask than the professionals who craft and create hairstyles with passion every day. I toured the island to get several stylists’ opinions on what is trending, as well as the looks they are styling in their very own chairs.

The Choppy Razor Bob
picked by Brian Duignan, Tru Salon

This cut is flattering for almost any hair type and facial shape. It makes for a great new look, especially for someone looking to change their basic bob to make it messy and sexy. Blow hair out from roots to ends lifting straight out to create volume section by section. When dry, just spray lightly over hair with Tru dry shampoo and start vertically wrapping the hair in big sections with a curling iron. Finish with a styling paste on ends to break up the hair.

The Great Gatsby
picked by Giovanna Abbate, Amore Salon

No matter what your age, an oldie-but-goodie male trend is the Great Gatsby hairstyle. This gentlemen-like style has a strong side: part slicked with a pomade of your choice (I prefer Matte Grip by Joico) to give a nice hold and matte finish. When achieving this look, apply product to hair and use a tight toothcomb to make your part on one side. Then, comb the top a little forward and blow-dry the front with a twirl if hair is long enough.

The Classic Braid
picked by Samantha Stebbins, Cactus Salon

Braids, braids, and more braids! They are so versatile, so everyone can wear them at any age and for any occasion. You can dress up a textured fishtail for an event or hold your hair back for the gym with a French braid. It is a big trend right now and the art of braiding is easily mastered with a little practice. Ask for help or a little education from your stylist. The best time to braid is a day or two after your next blowout.

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