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Let’s Have a Maskuerade Living Smart 

Let’s Have a Maskuerade

Masks are the beauty world’s cheat-sheet. By layering one of these thick and mineral rich muds on your face, the mask cleanses, purifies, repairs, and brightens your skin within minutes – with little effort. They are one of my personal favorite skin care habits, and rightfully so. Skin care masks come in a variety of formulas that will target several concerns. 

At the top of my list rank, the following masks, which used in conjunction or separately, can super-charge personal skin care or act as a stand-in for a lack of skin care enthusiasm.

1. Ahava Dead Sea Mud Mask
Ahava is a line of skin and body products mined from the Dead Sea, imported from Israel. The minerals and nutrients within the mud are known for their purifying powers. Almost like magic, this mask will draw out dirt, oil, and toxins, improving the skin’s tone and clarity. The mud I suggest is actually meant for the body, however it can also be used for your face. For a therapeutic experience, heat the mask to a warm temperature and then spread.
$16 for 13.6oz on Amazon




2. Borghese Fango Volcanic Mud Mask
Fango hails from Tuscany’s volcanic hills. As an individual who battles between unbalanced oily to dry skin, this is my go-to. I use this mask twice a month to correct the imbalance of moisture in my skin. Different from other masks, Fango’s main benefit is skin hydration. Use this mask generously on your face and body for about 5-10 minutes, and avoid drying as it can have the reverse effect on your skin. It should be removed while still wet.
$36 for 17.6oz on Amazon




3. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask
If your skin needs a good detoxing mask with dirt-clearing powers, say hello to your new best friend. Liquid rubber and jet black in appearance, Boscia dries to a super tight peel-off mask. As you carefully and slowly peel, you will see texture in the mask that resembles the pores in your skin, which means a deep clean. It is not only a dirt detox, but also full of Vitamin C to illuminate the skin. In addition to normal skin care, I also recommend this mask before an evening out or a formal occasion because it gives you a smooth doll-face appearance and brightens you as well. It will make your complexion makeup look flawless.
$42 for 2.8oz on Amazon

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