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What’s The T? Tablet vs. Laptop Living Smart 

What’s The T? Tablet vs. Laptop

Whether you’re looking to replace a device for yourself or purchase a computer for someone else, you’ll want to do your research.

If you’re planning to use a computer primarily to surf the web, stay connected on social media, read e-books, or catch up with movies and television, then a tablet might be perfect for you. The lightweight design and ease of portability make them the pinnacle of modern mobile technology. On the other hand, many people, like college students, hardcore video gamers, or artists and music enthusiasts, will need a device with far more processing power. For its power and performance, folks who plan on running software, creating or running presentations, or conducting heavy research should stick to a laptop. 

More often than not, the brand is less important than what’s inside. Focus on the specs: look at battery life, processing power, memory, storage, and other features before making a decision. If the programs you plan to run are specific to Microsoft or Apple, though, that may dictate your platform or your device. For example, many programs for graphics, music, and film editing are exclusive to a Mac platform, so you may want to purchase a  Macbook Pro (pictured) rather than struggle to find alternative software.

Size and Weight
Consider how large or small of a screen you want: think of the hours you’ll spend using it. If you don’t want to go below a 13” screen, for example, that preference will knock most tablets and even some laptops out of the running. If you will carry this device daily, choose something around three pounds or lighter.

The latest and greatest can also sometimes be the priciest, but if you can afford it, spend more on a premium model. In the long run, you will save money by not needing to replace outdated tech. If your budget is tight and you have no other major considerations, tablets are generally the cheaper route.

The Final Thought
If you want a device for entertainment and casual web surfing or email, look no further than the Microsoft Surface (pictured). Its kickstand and detachable keyboard make this a great transition into the world of tablets, and its beautiful screen resolution, ample ports for peripheral devices, and built-in apps will satisfy most. College students and professionals looking for a more powerful and fully-featured computer should consider the Dell Latitude 330: superior build quality, great battery life, and a steal at only $419.

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