D’Arcangelo Makes the Teen Connection

New York-based author Lyndsey D’Arcangelo impressed the literary world with her debut novel, The Trouble with Emily Dickinson (first published in 2008), in which she won a Golden Crown Literary Society Award. Relying on her own experiences as a lesbian and on her high school and college memories, D’Arcangelo writes to and for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender youth who are hungry for stories that speak to them and which they can relate to.

Emily Dickinson, and D’Arcangelo’s follow up The Education of Queenie McBride (published in 2013), takes GLBT teens on a life journey with lead character JJ who falls in love with a cheerleader in the first novel and who relies on the advice of her best friend, out lesbian Queenie McBride throughout both stories. Essentially a coming out tale, Queenie takes center stage in the follow up novel where the focus shifts to college life and where the author dives into such serious GLBT issues as runaway and homeless teens. Reportedly working on a third installment in the series, D’Arcangelo successfully gives a voice to the GLBT high school age group. Immediately pulling the reader in and keeping their attention with her lively writing style, D’Arcangelo’s novels are certainly worthy of space on any high school teen’s bookshelf.

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