Embrace Your Perfect Unique-ness

We are all obviously different, and come in different shapes, sizes and colors.  Whether we choose to share our uniqueness with the world or keep it to ourselves, we need to learn to love ourselves more and more each day.  Your perfect uniqueness – you are all you have!  We have to wake up with ourselves every day, live with ourselves every day.  Doesn’t it make sense to find ways to be more accepting of your perfect uniqueness!  I am certainly not as tall as I want to be as I am 4’ 11”, I am much curvier than the average person – but I have accepted and embraced my curves and my petite-ness.  My nose is not as small as I want it to be, my hair is not as manageable as I want it to be, but I have come to an understanding that there are things about me that I really cannot change.

Diverse groupThe things I love about me most have nothing to do with my appearance.  It has to do with who I am as a person – my values, my morals, my strength, my undying love for my wife, my children and my family. If you are not able to accept or love your perfect self, you are setting yourself up for a dose of stress that may send you unnecessarily to the food pantry, refrigerator or into a never ending saga of why me?

What makes you so unique?  What do you secretly love about yourself?  I am sure you have heard compliments from others as to what they admire about you and you may have heard some negative things as well.  Make a list of all the nice things people have mentioned to you and a list of negative things that people have said about you. Really examine this list.  Do you feel there is a need for improvement?  Are others correct or incorrect about what they have expressed to you?  You need to focus on your inner you.  Start to make any necessary changes that you feel you need to improve.

Change is not an overnight process.  It took me many years to make changes in my life to be able to move in a positive direction, but I was determined. I felt I owed it to myself and I am always trying to improve. You may have heard the expression from RuPaul, “If you don’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else!”  It is a completely valid statement!  I also know that if you don’t love or care enough about yourself, how will you ever allow somebody to love you the way you feel you need to be loved.  Aren’t you worthy of all the good that life has to offer?  Embrace your perfect uniqueness.  Find what is unique about you and start loving yourself!  You deserve it!

By Jennifer Nyx

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