Hamptons LGBT Center Hosts Youth Leadership Program

On December 15th, the LGBT Network hosted a youth leadership development program at its Hamptons LGBT Center. More than 50 students from local Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs joined together to learn how to fight anti-LGBT bullying and to design a visibility and outreach campaign to get the message out to more of their peers. Students received “upstander” training, which educates and empowers youth and adults to stop bullying when they see it, thereby serving as an upstander. In most instances of bullying, if someone steps in to help the victim within ten seconds, the bullying stops. Training youth to become upstanders becomes a critically important strategy to end the bullying of youth and adults. Students also created a comprehensive outreach campaign including a “GSA PSA,” posters, and social media hashtags to help grow the ranks of their local GSA clubs.

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