Animal Planet Roundup

Whether you’re watching an exciting episode of Animal Cops, a heart-tugging hour of Too Cute, or an irresistibly adorable shot of the Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet surprisingly provides hours of quality entertainment regardless of whether or not you have a furry friend.


1. Dogs 101 & Cats 101
There’s no better way to both learn about all the different kinds of breeds of dogs and cats and educate viewers about the kind of breed they want. With expert commentary from veterinarians, pet enthusiasts, and breeders, viewers and future pet owners are equipped with the tools they need to care for a happy and healthy puppy or kitten – and an hour of cute animals doesn’t hurt, either.


2. Pit Bulls & Parolees

This reality show aims at breaking stereotypes about the viciousness of certain breeds of dogs and features the largest pit bull animal shelter in the United States. Filled with heart-warming moments, Pit Bulls & Parolees tells a touching story about rescue and rehabilitation for animals and for humans.



3. My Cat from Hell

Other than an incredibly memorable cat behaviorist (and musician), My Cat from Hell has helpful tips for every “problem cat” – and eventually dispels stereotypes about cats. Jackson, with his guitar case full of toys and treats, always sheds light on the importance of doing research before owning any pet.



4. Tanked

Another reality series, Tanked follows two brothers who dub themselves the largest manufacturer of customized aquarium installations. Always constructing beautiful, inventive, and imaginative environments for aquatic life, these brothers wow audiences each episode by pushing limits.

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