Are We in a Serious Deadly Relationship with our Food?

Why is it that foods on the shelves at the supermarket are made to be so attractive but yet can be so harmful?  It is just the same as an unhealthy relationship with another person. We have all been through those unhealthy relationships.  First they seem to be just fine, they are attractive, fun to be around, but after a while they wreak havoc on who you are, your well being, they drive you absolutely insane and make you feel unhealthy, yet you are still attracted to that person. 

Sounds just like the same relationship with the food that you find on your shelves at your local supermarket. How could this be detrimental to your health you think to yourself? There are commercials talking about this product, how could it be unhealthy, everybody eats this stuff!  These types of foods are in our vending machines, at schools, in businesses, at hospitals, how could they ever be unhealthy? They are even promoted during the Super Bowl with million dollar ads. It’s time to wake up Long Island!

Have you ever thought about the food that you are consuming on a daily basis and have really broken it down?

First Rule:

Read the ingredients, if you do not know how to say it, read it or know what it means, why the heck would you eat it?

Second Rule: 

Think about how this food makes you feel. Do you typically feel elated when eating it, and then afterwards feel guilty for having it. Does it give you a headache, does it hurt your stomach, or do you feel bloated. Think about it, why would you eat it?

Third Rule: 

Is this a good choice because it is something you can just grab on the go and you do not have time for a healthier choice? Think about that now…aren’t you worth the time to prepare something to eat to have a healthier choice? Maybe pack something before going to work, at least give your body an option for a healthier snack.

We live in a fast paced, fast food world. Every event that we attend caters to unhealthy food. Every where we turn there are unhealthy choices!  Offices, school functions, sporting events, street vendors, fast food places, restaurants, cafés, coffee shops, movie theaters, birthday parties, and parties in general! Everywhere we turn, every event that we go to is supplied with CRAP!

Kids SnacksC – Carbonated Drinks

R – Refined Sugars

A – Artificial Sweeteners/Colors

P – Processed Foods

CRAP may be taste good, even considered to be delicious; they are manufactured for you to crave them!  Where is it even safe to eat delicious, nutritious, healthy foods?  It starts with you! Aren’t you worth being healthy? The key is that you have to make that choice to be healthy! So, stop eating CRAP and starting eating real FOOD!

Fruits-and-VegetablesF – Fruits and Vegetables

O – Organic Lean Protein

O – Omega Fatty Acids

D – Drink Water

Let’s face it, you are still going to eat some CRAP, it is inevitable in some ways. You show up to a friend’s house and they are serving CRAP in addition to some real FOOD. Imagine what your life would look like if you implemented real FOOD on a daily basis regularly. You will be more likely to feel healthier, lighter, more clear minded, more energetic, less stressed, thinner, and maybe even sexier! That is quite a bonus!

The food choices we make on a daily basis contribute to our long term health. That is a fact. Why do we wait until we get sick to attempt to be healthy? Doesn’t it make more sense to invest in being healthy now, instead of investing in ourselves when we are sick?  It is amazing to what great lengths we will go to when we find out we are sick! All of a sudden, our world stops, and we will try and do anything to reverse time. The time is now! Aren’t you worth being healthy?

By Jennifer Nyx, a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer dedicated to support her clients with their health goals and empower them to make lasting changes in their behavior and lifestyle.

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