Book Review : Meeting My Brother

Meeting My Brother book2

The heartwarming story of donor siblings meeting and becoming family.

Jennifer L. Dukoff is a homegrown Long Islander who recently authored the children’s “Meeting My Brother”. “Meeting My Brother” is a heartwarming story of donor siblings meeting and becoming family. This book is the first of its kind, and shows the great love and connection that donor siblings have. It tells the story of a little girl named Hazel who meets her brother Ravi. The story accounts how they meet and share experiences together, as children do, and how they bond and form a connection, for life. When asked why she wrote the book Jennifer responded “ I wrote this book because there was a great need for it in our community. There were books out there for young children who were adopted or had disabilities, or has two mom’s or two dads, but there was no book for donor siblings to explain to them how it was it they were family in a heartwarming, simplistic, age appropriate way. I wrote this book because of my own experience with my daughter and her brother which has truly been amazing. Hannah and her brother Radar are almost 9 years old and have been family since they were two and a half. During that time as moms of these donor siblings, we went from sitting the kids on our laps holding their hands and waving to one another, to the children now having their own relationship separate from us the grown-ups. They call one another on Skype and play Roblox together. They think of one another often, and send Christmas presents and birthday presents. We see them as often as we can and when we do it feels like yesterday. I could not have asked for anything more magical.” Hannah and Radar have a sister Gracie who lives in Australia with her 2 Moms. Jennifer and Hannah hope to one day meet them but in the meantime, the kids Skype and send special packages. We all feel grateful to have found one another.”

When asked what she hopes to accomplish with this book she answered “ in writing this book I hoped to create a story that help children feel comfortable and acknowledge their relationship as donor siblings as their normal. It’s fun, it’s sweet, it’s light, and shows the joy that the children have as family. I want children and parents who read this book to them to feel the same as we do. The relationships that they have with their siblings are special regardless of whether they live with one another. After all, Family Is Everything!
My hope is that when friends and families read this book it helps bridge the gap in the assumption that brothers and sisters have to live with one another. I hope it helps them to understand that there are families of all kinds and validate that.”

“Meeting My Brother” is listed on the international websites for The Donor Sibling Registry, The Family Equality Council Book Nook Elementary Section and Jennifer was recently an in studio guest on August 8th on the Derek & Romaine LGBT Radio Show. On July 9th Jennifer had a book signing event with her Illustrator Charles Berton at The Book Revue in Huntington.

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