Beauty: Bye Bye Winter Blues, Hello Spring!

The winter weather can not only can wreak havoc on your skin, but on your hair and scalp as well. According to Diana Rusinak-Acevedo, owner of Salon Per Lea in Bethpage, many people forget that the scalp is also skin, and a rough, cold winter can really dry it out and take its toll on both hair and scalp. Here are a few tips to put that bounce and glisten back into your tresses, and even give your look a boost just in time for spring.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Never go out with a wet head 

This has the same affect as licking your lips in the winter — you’ll end up with a chapped mess! On our scalp, this becomes dandruff. Using a round brush and a hair dryer on low heat will help to keep your hair from getting frizzy. Blow dry until almost dry then let your hair dry naturally for the best results.


Hair and scalp need a little extra moisture, just like your hands, after exposure to a long, brutal winter. Go ahead and splurge on a good, deep conditioner or maybe ask your stylist for an Awapuhi Keratin conditioning treatment by Paul Mitchell. It will leave your hair feeling like new again!

ombre_3Try out a new cut or color

Once your hair has its moisture back, you might want to try out a new cut or add some color. Some Ombre hair colors would do the trick. Ombre colors are done towards the end of the hair shaft which is great for two reasons. First, you can simply cut off the high ends once you’ve had enough. Second, because the roots are not involved, it requires much less maintenance.

Go wild

If you’re really feeling daring, dip into your favorite rainbow color highlights, which are the latest rage. But it’s highly recommended to get them put in with colored extensions, This reduces stress to the hair and allows the color to be hidden while in the workplace. Then, you can let the bright colors pop out at night and on the weekend!


by Diana Rusinak-Acevedo

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