Everything you Need for a Fall Staycation

If planning a vacation is not entirely in your budget, but you’re in dire need of time off, don’t be too weary of a staycation! Fall is the perfect time to explore your local area, try new things, and enjoy the ambiance.

Enjoy the Foliage
Check out a park and hike, jog, or meditate in the quiet of the changing leaves.

Go Seasonal
Enjoy all things fall. Warm your taste palate by cooking with fresh, seasonal produce and spices. For those with a sweet tooth, maple cookies, apple cider, and Mallomars are back in the market!

Start a Queue
If you want time alone, Netflix is the perfect best friend. Binge-watch shows you’ve missed or reminisce with old movies.

Pamper Yourself
Don’t be afraid to try a new haircut you’ve always wanted or to get a long massage.

Explore Local
Find a map. Drive or hop on a train to check out local museums, historical landmarks, and famous restaurants that you never had the chance to see with your busy schedule. You can also try your hand at apple or pumpkin picking!

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