Fall For Your Hair

Simple Tips for Fabulous Fall Hair

Our mothers always told us to protect our skin during the hot summer months, and with good reason, but what about our hair? Yes, a season full of sun exposure, salt water, and chlorine can be just as harmful to our tresses as to our skin. As the leaves fade to brown we find ourselves itching for something to spruce up our hairstyle. By following these simple tips you can learn to “fall” in love with your hair.


You may want to cleanse and revive sun-drenched hair before styling. Paul Mitchell’s Shampoo Three leaves hair feeling rejuvenated, as deep cleansers remove chlorine and minerals while strengthening strands and minimizing future build-up. Fairy Tales is an all-natural, organic hair care routine for children, which removes chlorine, sea salt, and minerals while leaving hair feeling soft and hydrated.

top-knot-bun-hairstyleTop Knot-ch

The upcoming fall season sees celebrities and individuals alike incorporating the topknot bun into their go to hairstyles. Whether worn as an individual bun or by parting the hair into two separate buns, this hairstyle will set the standards high. This simple hairstyle looks great whether on a fashion runway or in the hallways at school.


This season looks to nature for inspiration. The ombré look blends colors together as do the fading leaves. This hairstyle is simple to achieve and requires low maintenance so even if your morning starts late, your hair will look effortlessly chic. Go bold with a drastically different color or, for hair color purists, a color that is slightly different from your natural color with just enough of a difference for a little pop.

Styling Savings

These three styling products will make you look like a thousand bucks without having to spend a thousand bucks. Get the look you want for the price you deserve!

remingtonstraightRemington T Studio Wide Plate Straightener, $34.99

The Remington T Studio Wide Plate Straightener with Tourmaline takes less time to straighten thick hair and has a digital temperature reading so you know just how hot it is. Just be prepared for an arm workout as some consumers caution the straightener is on the heavy side. Pair with: Garnier Fructis Flat Iron Straightening Mist, $4

ConairCurlingConair Instant Heat ¾” Curling Iron, $20.99

This highly-rated curling iron is great for those who are well-versed in heat styling. The Conair Instant Heat ¾” Curling Iron only takes about a minute to heat up. The curling iron also holds onto hair well and does not dry hair out. Pair with: TRESemmé Thermal Creations Curl Activator Spray, $5

SassoonVidal Sassoon VS783 Ionic Styler Dryer, $39.99

The Vidal Sassoon VS783 1875 Watt Ionic Styler Dryer is a hit for its range of temperature settings and attachments. Users with frizzy hair rave about the diffuser attachment which gives them soft and shiny hair. Pair with: Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray, $3

By Brittany Perry

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