Fashion: Bring on the Heat

Summer-equals-opportunityThis winter season has been a trying one. I personally feel as though I have been victimized by Mother Nature — and I’m sure many of you feel the same. This is a time when many of us are premeditating our plans for the warmer months in hopes that it lifts our spirits and, if we chant hard enough, the temperature as well. Is it possible to bring on spring and summer more quickly by mentally believing they are here? Well, maybe not, but we can certainly try these cold weather remedies to escape, at least temporarily, from the prison of ice and snow and get a taste of the heat.

DSC_0561GLO Natural
Moisturizing Sunless Tanning
Lotion with Bronzers

Sun worship typically results in a blessing of bronzed skin. Unfortunately, unless you’re in the southern hemisphere, summer isn’t here yet. Plus, prolonged exposure to the sun is not so great if you wish to stay youthful looking and healthy. But there is a solution to getting that summer glow now and leave people asking, “Where did you go?”

This luxuriously creamy and smooth lotion is tops when it comes to invoking a summer “sense” within you.  It literally brings your senses to life with a scent that makes you feel like life truly is a beach. Think coconut, vanilla and chai — tropical, sweet and spicy, it’s the perfect scent. You can use it now or anytime before the official start of summer to get your color going and have a head start before the summer solstice. Some will say there is no time for self-tanning. How about when self-tanning also doubles as a moisturizer, anti-wrinkle cream and anti-cellulite treatment? GLO Natural features powerful anti-aging peptides and nourishing jojoba to rejuvenate the skin. So it is skin care and summer color in one — works for me!

Womens_swimwearSummer Attire
Buy Now to Help Combat
the Winter Blues

Pretend that you are going on vacation to somewhere exotic. You’re going to need swimwear, right? It is never too early in the season to check out bikinis, board shorts, and for the show it all risqué types, thongs and man-kinis.


mens_swimwear_2Shopping for summer attire early is a great way to get ahead of the seasonal trends, while also combating the winter blues. It’s also a reminder that summer is just around the corner. With the bright, summer color season heading back our way, we can have fun once again injecting color into the tiny bit of fabric we will be using to avoid indecent exposure come beach time. We all know we cannot wait to take our clothes off! So, start thinking sun and sand, and savor the cold because come August, you will be wishing for more temperate weather.

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