Friends Trivia Quiz

Are you a die-hard FRIENDS fan? Test your knowledge of the show with this super fun and challenging quiz!

1. What did Joey call the dog that Phoebe cheered him up with when he was in love with Rachel?


Joey12. How did Joey’s character on Days of Our Lives die?

Drowned in the ocean
Fell down an elevator shaft
Thrown off of a horse
Jumped off a bridge

3. What was Julie’s one con when Ross was making a Rachel and Julie lists?

She’s not Rachel
She talks in her sleep
She bites her fingernails
She hates monkeys

Monica_14. What did Monica’s neighbors say her holiday candy tasted like?

Rainbows and smiles
Little drops of heaven
Heavenly bites
Hot girl candy

5. Who is the only Friend who could get Emma to stop crying?


Emma6. In Vegas, where did Ross and Rachel have their wedding dinner?

Pizza Hut
Paul’s Café

7. What happens to Monica at the beach?

Sprained her ankle
Bruised her ribs
Stung by a stingray
Stung by a jellyfish

8. Why did Ross’s marriage to Carol fail?

He cheated on her
Carol said she didn’t really love Ross
They were drunk when they got married
Carol was a lesbian

RalphLauren-Elevator9. What habit does Rachel take up to fit in with her colleagues at Ralph Lauren?

Smoking cigarettes
Smoking marijuana

10. What name does Phoebe often use as a cover for who she really is?

Rachel Geller
Regina Philange
Wendy Tribbiani
Jane Falula

Answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. B

1-4 Correct Answers: Someone really needs to go back and watch all 10 seasons again. Tsk.

5-7 Correct Answers: Not Bad! You probably just forgot the ones you got wrong, but don’t worry it happens to even the greatest fans.

8-10 Correct Answers: Congratulations! You really know FRIENDS inside and out! You are the FRIENDS trivia master!

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