International News: November 2013

Kuwait Developing a “Gay Detector”

Heath officials in Kuwait are preparing to test the country’s first attempt at a “gaydar.” Yousuf Mindkar, the director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, told Al Rai that he wants to use a “gay detector test” to keep GLBT expatriates out of Kuwait.

Visitors already have to pass a health exam before gaining access to the country, but according to Gulf News, Mindkar wants “stricter measures” in place to keep gays and lesbians from entering Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC).

It is unclear what the “clinical test” is or how the health ministry plans to measure homosexuality.

Church Dumps Rebel Priest

In a magazine interview Father Reynolds reportedly said that he could not pass judgment on a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender  individual solely because of their sexual preference or gender identity.  Melbourne newspaper The Age reported that Greg Reynolds, a founder of the group Inclusive Catholics, stirred up controversy after supporting GLBT equality and the right for women to be ordained as clergy.

The directive to defrock and excommunicate Father Reynolds came from the Vatican – meaning it was sanctioned by Pope Francis, who made headlines last month when he called on the Catholic Church to “accept gays with respect, compassion, and sensitivity.”

NOM President to Russia:
Be an Example to the World

An investigation by Right Wing Watch claims that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) President Brian Brown pushed for Russian legislators to adopt a set of anti-GLBT laws this summer.

According to the report, Brown told the Russian Duma’s foreign affairs committee in June that marriage equality represented “a real threat to rights” and argued for laws restricting GLBT adoption in a television interview on a Russian news channel.

“Right now you’re having the fight about adoption, but the adoption issue is indivisible from the marriage issue,” Brown said. “If you don’t defend your values now, I’m afraid we’re going to see very negative developments all over the world.”

As of press time, Russia’s anti-GLBT policies have already led to a ban for all hopeful single parents and couples from Sweden, Canada, and other countries with same-sex marriage rights – regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.  The country has also experienced an increased level of violence and harrassment as Russian officials continue to denounce and investigate “gay propoganda.”

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