LGBT Network Leads Action Against Trump Following Transgender Ban

Following President Trump’s move to ban transgender people from the military, the LGBT Network and members of the community spoke out and pushed back, vowing to IMG_4769fight the policy reversal.

“These cowardly, disgraceful and un-American comments by President Trump, attacking thousands of brave transgender service members who protect our country every day, are just another shameful distraction from a failed administration,” said David Kilmnick, President and CEO of the LGBT Network.

On Friday, July 28, the LGBT Network lead a massive protest of the President’s visit to Brentwood. The protest was joined by numerous public officials, community groups, and advocates for immigration rights and reproductive rights.

Hundreds of people joined the protest to show solidarity with the community and to fight back against the aggressively anti-LGBT agenda being pushed by Trump’s administration. “Today we are all LGBT. Today, we are all immigrants. Today, we are all Muslim. Today, we are all Women. We are standing together to show Trump he is not welcome here,” said David Kilmnick.

See photos from the event at the LGBT Network Flickr page

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