One Universal Truth




I am sure you can agree that there is one universal truth. No matter what religion you are, race, color, height, weight, where you live, or what language you speak, the one universal truth that we can all agree on is that we want to be healthier.  The media promotes quick weight loss pills and there is an abundance of infomercials on fitness DVDs/equipment to get you in better shape. I believe it is very overwhelming to turn on the TV and see all of these products being promoted.
It is quite intimidating but yet promising as well. Yes, people all over the world are getting great results on most of these products, but for how long? You may even know someone personally who has gotten results this way. We also know people who eat right, look great and seem to be healthy, but they may smoke, drink, or even do drugs. I am sure they even know they can be healthier. Being healthy could mean something different to each person.  Maybe you need to eat more vegetables, drink more water, or stop eating junk food and fast food. Or you just need to start moving that body of yours, walking, jogging, running, anything!


o-SCALE-facebookHow many fitness products or diet programs have you tried that worked?  The magic question I have for you is, how long did those results last? Did you gain the weight back?  Did you get results and then one day just stopped? Why did you stop? Why is it not working for you anymore? I myself have tried many different programs. I tried Herbalife, it worked. I have tried Weight Watchers, it worked twice. I tried the Atkins diet, it worked twice too. I tried skipping meals, but my energy level was poor and I was irritable and cranky. I tried the caffeine diet, which gave me lots of energy but the side effects were that I also felt psychotic, had increased anxiety and was hungry all the time. Not one of these programs worked for me long term, I always seemed to gain the weight back. What worked for me, can very well work for you.
Finally I decided to take a look at things realistically and decided to take small steps. I just needed to start simple and be patient. It has been 10 years since I have lost over 60 lbs. and kept it off! I stopped smoking, stopped drinking, eliminated caffeine, and stopped using those crazy fake sugars. I shop at the farmers market, eat organic foods, no longer eat meat that are injected with antibiotics and are range free. I am no longer on crazy diets. I incorporated an exercise program that includes cardio and weight training several times a week. I have implemented a lifelong lifestyle change.
The world is an unhealthy place and even the world agrees that we all need to be healthier; it’s the One Universal Truth.  What difference will you make today and this year to increase your healthy habits to be a better you? You are the only you that you will ever know…aren’t you worthy of a healthier lifestyle, clarity of mind and feel good about yourself? Food changes everything. Make 2015 your year to commit to a better you!

By Jennifer Nyx


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