Living Out Celebrates One Year Anniversary

The inaugural issue of Living Out as a monthly newspaper covering GLBT culture, community and Long Island life, was launched one year ago. Received with high praise, Living Out has, over the past year, not only brought daily life articles on travel, music, books, TV, fashion and news to more than 3 million Long Islanders, but has also reported on some of our community’s toughest and most important issues.

From featuring an in-depth interview with Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine, who passionately supports gay rights, as well as other music icons such as Barbra Streisand, Melissa Etheridge and Jewel, to tackling anti-GLBT bullying in schools, trans Long Islanders offering first-hand accounts of family, acceptance, discrimination and violence, and the demise of DOMA, Living Out has kept you connected to Long Island life and GLBT culture.

We invite you to celebrate our one year anniversary with a look back at some memorable quotes and stories.

“It’s just so silly and it doesn’t make any sense to me that you wouldn’t be able to marry whomever you want to marry. It’s not our business. I don’t know why we’re obsessed with making everything in this country our business, all the time.”
–Adam Levine
December 2012







“There’s somebody you can turn to and don’t give up … ‘cause if you kill yourself, then there’ll be too many straight people in the world, and nobody wants that.”
–Lisa Lampanelli (on advice to GLBT Youth to stay strong)
January 2013  







“My son doesn’t see me as a gay icon. He sees me as his mother who touches his hair too much. No – I love being an icon to anybody. Equal rights, you know!”
–Barbra Streisand
February 2013







“It’s great to be a part of a wedding where it speaks so clearly of the couple. You walk away knowing them better and feeling part of something.”
–David Tutera
March 2013







“The show never claimed to be a piece of activism, but there was something profound about seeing the five of us genuinely care about this guy and his future.”
 –Ted Allen (on former series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”)
 April 2013     







“You never know what will touch somebody and give them that little something to keep going and keep fighting for what’s unique about them.”
May 2013







“Your word is all that you have. Every choice that you make, the words that you say and the thoughts that you think create what’s in front of you. Walk with as much truth as you can find, and it’ll help your journey.”
–Melissa Etheridge
June 2013







“I thought about gay couples no longer having to defend the legitimacy of their families. I thought about the beginning of the end of stigma, and ultimately the end of abuse and bashing and internalized homophobia and lying about who we are – and suicides.”
–Edie Windsor (after the historic u.s. supreme court decision striking down doma)
July/August 2013






“Becoming a parent in the ‘non-traditional’ way requires a lot…and every step of the process can be exciting and stressful.”
–Jennifer Dukoff
September 2013







“If you have top administrators who are homophobic, then that’s going to get communicated down below them.”
–Linda Fazio, school psychologist (“GLBT-Inclusion: The Solution to LI’s Bullying Epidemic”)
October 2013







“There is always a pain in my heart not being accepted by the people I love just because of who I am.”
–Barbara, Trans woman (“The Trans Experience on Long Island”)
November 2013







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