Solutions for the Bedroom Blues: Part 1 Sexual Dysfunction in Men

When having problems in the bedroom, don’t panic…

Almost every guy has had that embarrassing event in the bedroom when “it” just won’t work. It can be damaging to your ego and your relationship. Most guys will try to ignore the issue, but there are often solutions to regain your confidence and get back in the game.

Here is a list of considerations that can factor into any issues you maybe encountering and what you can do about it.

College and Alcohol, a Bad Mix?
Occasionally, I encounter a college student that has difficulty with performing sexually.  The first question asked is if there’s any use of drugs or alcohol.  People often use alcohol to decrease their inhibitions, but unfortunately it can also decrease your ability to become aroused.  In addition, the use of drugs and alcohol often lends people to make decisions that they wouldn’t make when sober, leading to increased rates of sexually transmitted infections.


Medication Can Be the Culprit
Many times the medications that we prescribe can interfere with your sex life.  Common culprits are medications to treat blood pressure or depression.  If you have difficulty in the bedroom after starting a new medication, make sure to let your health care provider know.  There may be an alternative treatment that will not have the same effect.  Often times when treating depression, patients will feel renewed interest in sexual activity but not be able the act on it, many times an additional medication can reverse that problem.

Look At Your Symptoms
A few times a day I have patients come into the office with issues regarding their libido and the ability to perform.  Since the causes could range from hormone deficiency to vascular issues, this complaint often uncovers early symptoms of larger problems.  If you are bothered by a decreasing sex drive then asking your doctor to test for low testosterone or thyroid hormones can often easily uncover a solution.  If achieving an erection is the issue, your doctor might want to check for the health of your heart as well as dysfunction.

Don’t Be Embarrassed 
Don’t be embarrassed to talk with your health care provider (believe me, we have seen or heard almost everything). Sexual dysfunction in men is a complex issue that can span the medical, hormonal, social and psychological realms of living.  Symptoms of this can include difficulty with achieving and maintaining an erection, difficulty achieving an orgasm or decreased sexual drive. Often the solution can include testing for underlying medical conditions, medications or therapy.

Don’t be shy to ask your doctor about treatments that can help with erectile dysfunction. There are many options that include medication and behavioral therapy. Surgery is an option for some men, especially after prostate cancer treatment. Achieving a healthy sexual life can prove beneficial to yourself and your relationships; you deserve to live healthy and happy in all parts of life – the first step is to make that a priority in your life. Check out next month’s issue of Living Out for Part 2 of our article, “Sexual Issues in Women.”

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