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Summer Tips for Fabulous Hair

Summer is just around the corner and we all know that the sun we live with today is quite stronger than the sun of yester-year. Be ready for it with some tips from Diana Rusinak-Acevedo, owner of Salon per Lea in Bethpage. Stronger sun doesn’t just mean you should worry about your skin but your hair and scalp should be protected also to maintain your “pride and joy”. Here are a few helpful tips.

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.01.58 AMProtect Your Scalp
Just like you would never go out without sunscreen, don’t forget about the scalp and hairline. Dangerous moles can form in these areas, especially in fine and/or light haired people. Nioxin Scalp Shield Sunscreen Spray is a great way to protect yourself with SPF20 and no alcohol. It’s the perfect product to save you a trip to the dermatologist.



productsKeep Your Color
UV rays can affect the skin, hair and hair color. One way to protect hair color is to use a sulfate free shampoo system like Italy’s Uniq One shampoo balm and hair treatment. The balm and leave in treatment have 10 real effects including heat protection, split end prevention and hair color protection with UVA/UVB filters. Just in time for summer, the leave in treatment now comes in a coconut scent.


Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 9.04.30 AMFrizz Free
Look your best at all the upcoming Pride events this month with manageable and frizz free hair by using a Keratin treatment. Keratin treatments are relaxers that “tame” your curl, by providing you with frizz free, shiny hair. During the treatment keratin gets sealed into your hair, but it eventually washes out. By using sulfate/sodium free products the treatment can last up to 5 months. It’s the perfect way to insure that your look stays during all day Pride parades and parties.


By Diana Rusinak-Acevedo

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