The GENDA Law Will Never Pass Taking the Present Path

All the national and local groups have used their political know-how for many years. I am sure the active lobbyists feel they are making progress, but if progress was made it has been far too little and moved much too slowly. The only progress I see is, for years the opposition, the Republican State Senators, wouldn’t even talk to us about GENDA. At least some of them now talk but use an excuse to not allow a vote on GENDA. Their excuse is the “Bathroom Issue.”

Bathroom-gender-signThat illustrates some progress. However, year after year the hope for a vote on GENDA has been shifted to the next year. It reminds me of the Brooklyn Dodgers in the “good old days” when “wait ‘till next year” was a common saying.  However, the “Bathroom Issue” has an emotional appeal and is capable of getting the public’s backing. In some cases the public already believes GENDA is about bathrooms. I believe even with a Democrat Senate GENDA will be a difficult bill to pass because emotion usually rules. We need to decisively destroy their “Bathroom Issue” and get its fallacy out in the open and noticed by the public. We need to demonstrate that using chromosomes to determine which bathroom people use would have an undesirable result.

Their proposal that people use the bathroom in accordance with their birth assigned sex means that transgender men should use the Ladies’ Room and transgender women use the Men’s Room. We need to do exactly that. Have transgender men use the Ladies’ Room (shaving?) and transgender women use the Men’s Room (fixing make-up?).

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 3.51.39 PM

Demonstrating that masculine appearing born women using the Ladies’ Room, what is proposed by the GENDA opponents, is the opposite of the emotional appeal now being used as an excuse to prevent GENDA from getting a vote. In addition, transgender people all over the United States will benefit from such an action because the “Bathroom Issue” is used effectively against them as well.

We need such a demonstration in Dean Skelos’ district right here in Nassau County. With the right publicity, which a demonstration is sure to get, additional demonstrations will probably not be required because one alone would get wide newspaper and TV exposure. Waiting ‘till next year’ is fine but next year may not happen in our lifetime. We should try to get it done and get it done now!

So, the question is, who will step up and work toward the destruction of the “Bathroom Issue?”

by Joanne Borden

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