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Here’s a Look at the Best TV Shows of 2013

This year, we’ve seen a lot of television wins and fails. New series like “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” are horribly trying to spin a story from the Marvel franchise while viewers fear that long-running shows like “The Big Bang Theory” won’t know when to stop producing (“Glee,” we’re looking at you, too). Heavy-hitter newbies like “Sleepy Hollow” were received well, as it spun the classic literary tale and made room for a female lead of color. Some shows in their second year, like “The Newsroom” and “Once Upon a Time,” have been teeter-tottering in success and content.

Then there’s a whole section of television that we’re surprised were successful pitches, such as “Anger Management” (apparently someone out there still loves Charlie Sheen), “Amish Mafia” or any ridiculous mash-up of the “Real Housewives” or “Real Husbands” series. Really, who cares? And is anyone else falling asleep watching “The Walking Dead” this season? We’d rather watch “MasterChef Junior” and feel bad about our lack of finesse in the kitchen than sit through another hour of a “Ricktatorship.”

Regardless, we’ve rounded up five shows that television managed to get right this season.

1. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Unapologetically funny, we were afraid this show was going down the toilet. Even though the show moved to a different channel and it reached its 9th season (and is renewed for a 10th!), the past few seasons have been dull. “Always Sunny” proved us wrong, though, and returned to its original, irreverent humor. And for that, we’re relieved.


2. Orange is the New Black
This Netflix exclusive series rose to fame and popularity seemingly overnight, and rightfully so. From covering most of the unspoken issues of our society to the dark humor of its somewhat insane characters, this show is worth the time and the accolades. And Laura Prepon will be back! Kind of…




3. Masters of Sex
Showtime’s new drama is based on a biography, telling the tale of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, two pioneers in the exploration of human sexuality. Brilliant and fascinating, we anticipate this show to be around a while.





4. Breaking Bad
The final season of this anxiety-inducing series aired in August and left fans satisfied with its true-to-the-show conclusion. Watch for yourself! For those of you not caught up on the “Breaking Bad” drama, you can watch all of its previous seasons on Netflix.



5. Modern Family
This show is in its fifth season and still manages to make us laugh and cry — at the same time. While “Modern Family” is finally being syndicated on other channels, as it deserves, we’re happy to see that each week brings us refreshingly quippy and heart-warming moments.







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