What’s the T? Five Apps You Should Be Playing

Top 5 Game Apps:

Angry Birds Star Wars II
iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone, $0.99
The developers at Rovio sure have a love for the Star Wars films. In this bird slinging sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars, the #1 smash hit game, “join the pork side” and play as Darth Maul or Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movie prequels. With over 30 playable characters, there is a Star Wars player for everyone to enjoy.


Candy Crush Saga
Facebook/iPhone/iPad/Android, free
There is only one word that best describes this game, ADDICTING. With over 400 levels of tasty graphics and a challenge factor that no one can ignore, Candy Crush Saga topped the best sellers charts for all of 2013.  While the game is free, there are options to buy more lives and power-ups via in–app purchases. As of November 2013, it has been installed 500 million times across Facebook, iOS and Android. This popular game is definitely something to download and try at least once.

Call of Duty Strike Team
iPhone/iPad/Android, $6.99
A popular game title on major gaming consoles, Call of Duty games are big business. In 2013, they made the jump to smartphones and tablets by releasing an exclusive brand new title. Keeping true to its roots it is part first-person shooter but with the added bonus of controlling a tactical strategy team. Switch back and forth between shooting and controlling your squaddies in this great new game.


Clash of Clans
iPhone /iPad /Android, free
Clash of Clans became one of the most popular mobile games in the world in 2013. Spend your time methodically building up your town while training an entire army to take down, and loot, the towns of other players. Join a clan to flaunt your victories and be a good sport by donating support troops to fellow clannies.


Clumsy Ninja
Phone/iPad, free
Instead of releasing another cat/dog/whatever version of a virtual pet game, NaturalMotion Games came out with Clumsy Ninja. This wonderfully animated ninja is, well, clumsy, and your job is to train him to become less clumsy. Tie some balloons to him or toss him through a basketball hoop, this game is sure to win over the hearts of adults and children alike.


Tech Alert!

Apple “iWatch”

Speculations for this high-tech gadget have been circling around for awhile, but it has been confirmed that Apple has filed trademarks for the term “iWatch” in Japan and Russia. This is definitely a product that you want to keep on your radar.



Google Glass

While rumors were afloat that Glass would be available by the end of 2013, it looks as if consumers must wait until late 2014 to get a pair. The sleek frames will come in five colors: Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky. Get your wallet ready, because the price of these will sure hit it hard.

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